Aespa’s Ningning Sets the Stage Ablaze as Versace’s Latest Iconic Muse


Image Courtesy: VERSACE

In a groundbreaking move, renowned Italian luxury house Versace has unveiled Ningning, the powerhouse vocalist from K-pop sensation Aespa, as its newest Global Brand Ambassador. This announcement solidifies Ningning’s status alongside global luminaries like Anne Hathaway and Chris Lee, marking a paradigm shift for the brand with its first Korean Global Brand Ambassador, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, inaugurated in July last year.

A Star in the Versace Galaxy

Donatella Versace, the Artistic Director and Vice President of the label, expresses her enthusiasm about Ningning’s appointment. She highlights Ningning’s exceptional talent, personal charisma, and impeccable style. Donatella states, “Ningning is not only a brilliantly talented star; she is a wonderful person with a strong, confident vision. I am thrilled she is becoming part of our global Versace family.”

Image Courtesy: VERSACE

Empowering Creativity Through Fashion

Versace, a trailblazer in creative expression, has a legacy of championing those bold enough to express themselves. Ningning echoes this sentiment, expressing her excitement about being a Versace Brand Ambassador. She shares, “Versace empowers me with a new strong attitude. I’m eager to inspire others to embrace their strength and power through self-expression.”

Image Courtesy: VERSACE

A Stylish Affair: Cannes to Shanghai

The blossoming relationship between Ningning and Versace first caught attention at the Cannes Film Festival, where Aespa made history as the first Korean girl group to grace the event. Ningning, adorned in a black and white Versace gown, exuded glamour alongside bandmates Karina and Winter. The style saga continued in Shanghai during the Versace Icons dinner, where Ningning dazzled in a black Crystal Medusa ’95 minidress, reaffirming her status as a true fashion icon.

Image Courtesy: VERSACE

A Harmonious Fusion of Music and Fashion

Ningning’s collaboration with Versace marks a harmonious fusion of music and fashion, celebrating individuality and strength. As she steps into her role as Global Brand Ambassador, the world eagerly anticipates the influence of this dynamic partnership on the realms of style and self-expression.

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