Jennie’s Urban Elegance: Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 Campaign


Image Courtesy: Calvin Klein

In the bustling world of fashion, BLACKPINK’s Jennie once again graces Calvin Klein’s stage, becoming the face of the Spring 2024 campaign. The campaign, a captivating fusion of denim and underwear, showcases the brand’s signature style with a fresh urban twist.

Image Courtesy: Calvin Klein

Capturing the Essence: A Monochromatic Masterpiece

Photographed by the renowned Mert Alas, Jennie’s presence in the campaign is a visual delight against the backdrop of New York City. Shot in black and white, each frame exudes sophistication, highlighting the timeless appeal of Calvin Klein. The iconic skyline provides a stunning contrast to Jennie’s ensembles, creating a monochromatic masterpiece.

Signature Style: Denim and Underwear Ensemble

Jennie effortlessly dons a black bralette paired with matching boxer brief shorts featuring the unmistakable Calvin Klein band. Layered with a denim jacket, this ensemble epitomizes an urban-chic aesthetic. The combination of comfort and style in the denim zip-up jacket and shorts reflects Jennie’s personal take on fashion.

Powerful and Bold: Lace Details and Cowboy Boots

In a bold statement, Jennie flaunts a black bra with the Intense Power logo bikini underwear, complemented by striking black patent leather cowboy boots. The fusion of lace details and a bold waistband adds an empowering touch to the campaign. The same captivating boots make a reappearance, paired with high-rise denim shorts and a denim zip-up jacket, showcasing the versatility of Calvin Klein’s collection.

Image Courtesy: Calvin Klein

Jennie's Reflections: A Personal Touch

In a heartfelt statement, Jennie shares her enthusiasm for the campaign, expressing her love for the iconic jeans and underwear. Her appreciation for the denim zip-up jacket and shorts reflects the effortless and sleek look that defines the Calvin Klein style. She emphasizes the empowering experience of shooting in Calvin Klein underwear, where the bold waistband and lace details effortlessly bring out her confident side.

As we unravel the layers of Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 campaign, it’s evident that Jennie’s presence adds a unique charm to the brand’s signature denim and underwear collection. From the streets of New York City to the intricate lace details, this campaign encapsulates the essence of urban chic. Join us in celebrating the fusion of style and comfort, as embodied by BLACKPINK’s Jennie in Calvin Klein’s latest masterpiece.

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