Liu Yuxin as Crocs Global Brand Ambassador


Image Courtesy: CROCS

Unlocking Advanced Fashion: Liu Yuxin Takes the Global Stage

In a groundbreaking move, Liu Yuxin embraces the role of global brand ambassador for Crocs, bringing her unique fashion perspective to redefine the essence of style. Her commitment to exploration and fearless breakthroughs align seamlessly with Crocs’ ethos of embracing individuality.

Image Courtesy: CROCS

A Symphony of Style: Liu Yuxin's Selections

Classic Geometric Clog: Redefining Classic with a Geometric Twist

Liu Yuxin elevates the iconic Classic Geometric Clog by embracing its irregular geometric design. The result? A captivating blend of comfort and edgy charm, where the familiar Crocs comfort meets avant-garde fashion.

Echo Storm: Futuristic Vibes in Every Step

Inspired by the Echo Storm, Liu Yuxin steps into the future with a closed-heel design, seamlessly merging futuristic aesthetics with streetwise appeal. Lightweight and durable, this shoe promises a fashion-forward experience.

Stomp Slide: Elevated Coolness in Every Stride

Liu Yuxin adds a new dimension to fashion with the Stomp Slide, featuring a show-stopping 55mm heavy-duty gear-inspired sole. This innovative sandal redefines summer style, offering a fresh perspective on spring and summer fashion.

Image Courtesy: CROCS

A Spring Collaboration: Crocs x Liu Yuxin

As spring unfolds its unpredictable weather, Crocs and Liu Yuxin embark on a new chapter, illustrating the diverse fashion choices for “Xin”dividuals. Liu Yuxin’s unique fashion taste harmonizes effortlessly with Crocs’ brand philosophy, establishing a powerful force that leads the way in the ever-evolving fashion landscape. Together, Crocs and Liu Yuxin paint a vivid and innovative fashion picture in this refreshing season.

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