Maison Kitsuné Welcomes Wei Daxun as Brand Ambassador


Image Credit: Maison Kitsuné

Wei Daxun, acclaimed actor, continually pushes boundaries, embodying diverse roles on screen, perfectly complementing the rich ethos of Maison Kitsuné. In both his professional and personal life, Daxun exudes genuine charisma, showcasing a unique fashion appeal that adds a touch of surprise and inspiration to Maison Kitsuné.

Image Credit: Maison Kitsuné

A Parisian Tale: Exploring the 2024 Spring/Summer Campaign

In the spotlight of Maison Kitsuné’s 2024 spring/summer campaign, brand ambassador Wei Daxun navigates the streets of Paris, effortlessly capturing the essence of a born wanderer. Amidst the ancient architecture narrating tales of time, the bustling streets extending like veins, and the scenic beauty along the Seine River, Daxun adorns the latest collection with ease.

Image Credit: Maison Kitsuné

The Essence of Maison Kitsuné: Urban Leisurewear Redefined

The 2024 spring/summer collection by Maison Kitsuné continues its tradition of relaxed elegance, offering versatile wardrobe staples for every urban scenario. Embrace the freedom of expression and awaken the vibrant essence of city life with Maison Kitsuné.

Image Credit: Maison Kitsuné

Explore the Collection: Maison Kitsuné TRX Boutique

Experience the essence of Maison Kitsuné’s 2024 spring/summer collection firsthand at Maison Kitsuné’s TRX boutique. Immerse yourself in the world of urban leisurewear redefined.

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