Rosalía Shines as the New Face of Lady Dior


Image Credit: Dior

An Iconic Collaboration: Rosalía and Lady Dior

Celebrating her new role as Dior’s global ambassador, Grammy-winning artist Rosalía stars in a stunning Lady Dior campaign. The campaign, captured by renowned photographer Collier Schorr, highlights Rosalía’s magnetic charm against a sophisticated interplay of light and shadow. This visual masterpiece emphasizes her unique bond with the iconic Lady Dior bag, symbolizing both tradition and innovation.

Image Credit: Dior

The Evolution of an Icon: Lady Dior's Timeless Appeal

Under the creative vision of Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Lady Dior bag continues to evolve, blending timeless elegance with modern flair. In this campaign, Rosalía presents various iterations of the bag, including patent leather, matte leather, and versions adorned with delicate pearls. Each style pays homage to the bag’s rich heritage, beloved by fashion icons such as Princess Diana.

Celebrating Artistic Freedom and Self-Expression

More than just a fashion statement, the campaign celebrates the realms of fashion, music, and self-expression. Rosalía’s dynamic energy and artistic vision propel the campaign into a modern era of freedom and creativity. The collaboration is a testament to how Dior embraces both its storied past and innovative future, with Rosalía perfectly embodying this balance.

Image Credit: Dior

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