Stray Kids x Tommy Hilfiger: Spring 2024 Campaign Unveiled


Image Credit: Sean Thomas

In the bustling heart of Seoul, amidst the neon glow and dynamic energy of South Korea’s capital city, an iconic collaboration unfolds. Against the panoramic backdrop from the 36th floor of the Conrad Seoul Hotel, K-pop sensations Stray Kids grace Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2024 campaign with unparalleled charisma and style. Shot by the talented Sean Thomas, this campaign captures not only the essence of Tommy Hilfiger’s latest preppy collection but also the electrifying spirit of Stray Kids.

Image Credit: Sean Thomas

The Inspiration Behind the Collaboration

Tommy Hilfiger, a pioneer in merging fashion and pop culture, finds inspiration in the seamless blend of fashion and entertainment. He shares, “Stray Kids are one of the world’s most popular groups, and they possess an optimistic outlook that has connected them with international audiences through both their music and style.” This convergence of energies sparks an electrifying synergy, driving the creation of iconic looks for a new generation.

Chart-Toppers and Style Icons

Formed in 2017, Stray Kids has swiftly ascended to the summit of the global music scene. With four consecutive projects dominating the Billboard 200 albums charts, including their latest release, ROCK-STAR, the septet has cemented their status as K-pop royalty. Tracks like “LALALALA” and “MEGAVERSE” resonate with fans worldwide, reflecting the group’s dynamic musicality and captivating presence.

Image Credit: Sean Thomas

Fashion Partnerships on the Horizon

Beyond their musical achievements, Stray Kids members have emerged as fashion icons in their own right. Felix’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton as an ambassador in August marks a significant milestone, showcasing his distinct style and influence. Similarly, Hyunjin’s partnership with Versace in July underscores the group’s growing presence in the fashion world, further solidifying their status as trendsetters.

Iconic Looks for Every Occasion

Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2024 collection captures the essence of contemporary preppy style, blending timeless classics with a modern twist. From tailored blazers to vibrant prints, each piece exudes sophistication and versatility. As the campaign unfolds, viewers are invited to explore the collection online and in Tommy Hilfiger’s stores worldwide, experiencing firsthand the fusion of American heritage and global influence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and entertainment, collaborations like Stray Kids x Tommy Hilfiger transcend boundaries, uniting diverse cultures and creative visions. As Stray Kids continue to captivate audiences with their music and style, their partnership with Tommy Hilfiger heralds a new chapter in the intersection of fashion and pop culture.

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