Unveiling Triumph: Haier’s Ongoing Saga with Badminton Maestros Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik


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On December 20, 2023, Haier Malaysia solidified its allegiance to badminton brilliance by extending its partnership with Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik, the dynamic duo celebrated as the 2022 BWF World Champions. This profound collaboration goes beyond traditional endorsements, positioning the athletes as the forefront of Haier’s ‘Inspire Future Dreams’ campaign.

Championing Achievements: A Golden Legacy

Aaron and Wooi Yik etched their names in Malaysian sports history by clinching the nation’s first-ever gold medal at the 2022 BWF World Championships. Their prowess further illuminated the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games, where they secured bronze medals. In October 2023, the pair triumphed at the Denmark Open, breaking a six-year wait for a BWF World Tour title.

Haier's Endorsement: More Than Ambassadors

Fan Jing, Managing Director of Haier Malaysia, expressed profound admiration for the duo’s extraordinary teamwork and personal growth. Their journey resonates deeply with Haier’s values, making them not just brand ambassadors but genuine inspirations for Malaysians. Fan Jing stated, “Their humility, hard work, and determination make them truly inspirational role models for all Malaysians.

A Vision Shared: Journeying Towards Olympic Gold

The renewed partnership signifies Haier’s commitment to accompanying Aaron and Wooi Yik on their quest for Olympic gold. Fan Jing emphasized their consistent display of professionalism and expressed excitement about being part of their continuous growth. The ultimate goal is to see them ascend to the pinnacle as the world’s No.1 male badminton pair.

Beyond the Court: Haier's Vision for 2024

Simultaneously, Haier Malaysia unveiled ambitious plans for 2024, projecting a 45% sales growth. This commitment to success transcends the badminton court and extends to every Malaysian home. Haier introduced a spectrum of advanced household appliances designed to elevate living standards, ranging from air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers to washing machines, televisions, water heaters, and kitchen appliances.

Innovation Redefined: Haier's Technological Marvels

Among the highlights are the UV Cool Premium (VXA) and UV Cool Smart (VRA) series air conditioners. Beyond their smart functionalities, these appliances incorporate UVC sterilization, ensuring a healthier living environment. Haier’s commitment to well-being extends to its light commercial air conditioners for office use, emphasizing convenience and health in every aspect.

Connected Living: A Glimpse into Haier's Future

Haier’s cutting-edge HRF-IM758LXG(B) 4-door refrigerator brings intelligent living to the forefront. Integrated with the Haismart application, users can manage their fridge remotely, receiving personalized tips on recipes. The Daylight feature enhances visibility, transforming daily tasks into delightful experiences.

Savoring Success: Wine Chilling and Beyond

Haier tantalizes wine enthusiasts with the promise of its first wine chillers, the WS-198 and WS-118, set to debut in 2024. These chillers, equipped with Natural Air Flow System technology, ensure optimal temperature and humidity control, preserving the quality of wines for extended enjoyment.

Laundry Reinvented: Wi-Fi-enabled Washing Solutions

Haier introduces the BD14266S8 front load washing machine, taking laundry convenience to new heights. Wi-Fi compatibility allows users to control the washer remotely, while the vivid Colour Ai display panel ensures precision in settings for a seamless laundry experience.

Culinary Comfort: Advancements in Hood and Hobs

Completing the spectrum, Haier introduces advanced hood and hob options. The HH-GT6907GB hood boasts a bionic volute design for efficient airflow, while remaining quiet. The HC-Q893STGB, HC-Q872PTGB, and HC-Q872PTDG hobs, equipped with Timer Setting, prioritize safety by automatically shutting off gas supply, adding an extra layer of security to daily living.

In conclusion, the extended partnership between Haier and badminton icons Aaron Chia and Soh Wooi Yik symbolizes a shared commitment to excellence, inspiration, and innovation. As Haier propels forward with ambitious growth targets and technological marvels, their journey mirrors the aspirations and triumphs of these sporting legends.

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