Zhao Liying Takes Center Stage as Global Ambassador for Self-Portrait


Image Courtesy: Self-Portrait

In a remarkable move, Self-Portrait has bestowed global brand ambassadorship upon the illustrious Chinese actress, Zhao Liying, a year after designating her as the regional face for China. This significant promotion signifies the brand’s commitment to embracing diversity and connecting with its expansive customer base on a global scale.

Image Courtesy: Self-Portrait

From Regional to Global Influence

Zhao Liying, renowned as the queen of daytime TV drama in China, has not only led major productions but has also ventured into the film industry, earning universal acclaim for her portrayal of a hearing-impaired mother in Zhang Yimou’s Lunar New Year blockbuster, “Article 20.” With 5.1 billion mentions on Xiaohongshu and over 90 million Weibo followers, her influence transcends borders.

A Perfect Fit

Self-Portrait’s founder and creative director, Han Chong, expressed his admiration for Zhao, highlighting her ability to embody a diverse range of roles. He emphasized the alignment of Zhao’s multifaceted persona with the brand’s values, catering to a customer base that is worldly, confident, soft, powerful, and effortlessly unique.

Strategic Focus on China

Chong acknowledged the significance of the Chinese market, emphasizing the brand’s deep understanding of the evolving customer landscape. With 60 stand-alone stores in key luxury retail hubs and plans for further expansion, Self-Portrait is strategically positioning itself to cater to the dynamic Chinese market.

Image Courtesy: Self-Portrait

Bespoke Marketing for Chinese Consumers

The appointment of Zhao reflects a shift in marketing strategy, with a focus on authenticity and relevance for the Chinese consumer. While globally, the brand collaborates with international models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kate Moss, and Irina Shayk, in China, the emphasis is on engaging with the community through tailored campaigns and dedicated efforts.

New Ray Campaign

Zhao’s ambassadorship announcement coincided with the launch of the “New Ray” campaign, showcasing her in key looks from the brand’s spring 2024 collection. This campaign serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to celebrating individuality and the evolving elegance that Zhao Liying embodies.

Cultural Celebration in London

As a double celebration for the 40th anniversary of London Fashion Week and the Year of the Dragon, Han Chong is co-hosting a festive free-flow dinner in London’s Chinatown with British Fashion Council chair Caroline Rush. This event aims to honor diverse cultures and traditions, spotlighting the importance of London as a creative melting pot.

Zhao Liying’s elevation to global brand ambassador marks a significant chapter in Self-Portrait’s journey, emphasizing a commitment to diverse representation and cultural resonance. As the brand continues to evolve and expand, it remains dedicated to celebrating uniqueness and engaging authentically with its global community.

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