Zhao Lusi Named as MISTINE’s New Sunscreen Ambassador


Image Credit: Mistine CN

In an exciting revelation, Thailand-based beauty brand MISTINE officially announces the talented actress Zhao Lusi as their fresh face for the latest sunscreen campaign. Embarking on a journey that radiates youth, vitality, and an ardent pursuit of beauty, Zhao Lusi and MISTINE redefine the aesthetic of daily life, collectively ushering in a new era of sun protection.

The Essence of MISTINE's Radiance

Ever since its inception, MISTINE has been fueled by a unique energy DNA, using the “Photobiology” sunscreen system to convey a groundbreaking approach to sun protection technology. Catering authentically to diverse consumer needs, MISTINE has consistently garnered praise and secured a prominent position in industry review charts and customer loyalty rankings. Behind this stellar reputation lies 36 years of unwavering dedication to scientific research and innovation by MISTINE’s global scientific team.

Image Credit: Mistine CN

A Dazzling Collaboration

The collaboration with Zhao Lusi draws inspiration from Thai dopamine, translating into a visually stunning representation through her unique singing, dancing, and theatrical expressions. This collaboration promises consumers an extraordinary “heat-filled” audiovisual feast, capturing the essence of MISTINE’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Unlocking Nature's Secrets

MISTINE’s 36-year expertise in sun protection research has led to the discovery of bio-protective ingredients effective in combating UV damage. Building on this breakthrough, MISTINE, in collaboration with two Nobel laureates in chemistry, meticulously studied over a hundred natural plants, conducting thousands of tests to identify the exceptional bio-protective element – Taremi. Renowned for its potent antioxidant properties, Taremi significantly enhances sun protection, reducing the risk of skin redness and sunburn.

Image Credit: Mistine CN

2024: Elevating Excellence with Taremi Plus

Continuing their pursuit of excellence, MISTINE introduces the upgraded soul of their brand – Taremi Plus. Utilizing AI-driven biological research, the brand conducted extensive gene target screening, identifying key mechanisms and targets for Taremi Plus to exhibit its anti-oxidative, anti-pigmentation, and anti-aging effects across the ultralong wavelength spectrum.

As MISTINE and Zhao Lusi embark on this radiant journey together, the fusion of science, art, and beauty promises consumers a revolutionary sunscreen experience. Stay tuned as they redefine the narrative of sun protection, inviting us all to embrace a life bathed in the glow of MISTINE’s groundbreaking technology and Zhao Lusi’s vibrant energy.

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