Netflix Drops a Thrilling Sneak Peek of ‘City Hunter’ Live-Action Adaptation


Netflix has recently unveiled an electrifying teaser for the highly-anticipated live-action adaptation of ‘City Hunter’. Originally greenlit for production in late 2022, this adaptation brings Tsukasa Hojo’s iconic manga to life in a contemporary setting, while still capturing the essence of the beloved original.

Reimagining Iconic Elements: A Nod to Fans

In the teaser, fans are treated to a delightful array of iconic moments and elements from the manga. From Ryo’s signature red Mini Cooper to the nostalgic “XYZ” message on the Shinjuku Station blackboard, the teaser promises a faithful adaptation that pays homage to the source material. Moreover, the inclusion of a snippet from the ’90s anime ending theme song, now revamped as “Get Wild Continual” by TM NETWORK, adds an extra layer of nostalgia for longtime fans.

Image Courtesy: Netflix

A Blend of Thrills and Laughter: Capturing the Spirit of City Hunter

True to its roots, the live-action adaptation promises to deliver the perfect blend of action and humor that defines ‘City Hunter’. With Ryo Saeba, portrayed by the talented Ryohei Suzuki, at the helm, viewers can expect to embark on thrilling and comedic adventures through the bustling streets of Tokyo. The teaser hints at the intriguing backstory behind Ryo’s partnership with Kaori Makimura, played by Misato Morita, setting the stage for an exciting narrative journey.

Mark Your Calendars: Premiering Worldwide on Netflix

Excitement is building as the release date for the ‘City Hunter’ live-action film draws near. Set to premiere globally on Netflix on April 25, 2024, fans around the world can look forward to immersing themselves in the exhilarating world of Ryo Saeba and his unforgettable exploits.

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