Nicki Minaj Launches Press-On Nail Brand


Image Credit: Pink Friday Nails

Rapper Nicki Minaj has once again made waves in the beauty industry with the launch of Pink Friday Nails, a groundbreaking press-on nails brand developed in collaboration with her longtime nail artist, Yvett Garcia. Breaking away from traditional nail care routines, Pink Friday Nails offers a fusion of style and convenience, catering to modern lifestyles without compromising on glamour.

Designs Inspired by Iconic Looks

Unveiling a collection of 11 distinct designs, Pink Friday Nails embodies the essence of Nicki Minaj’s signature style. From vibrant hues to dazzling embellishments, each design draws inspiration from Minaj’s own nail aesthetics and iconic fashion statements. With options ranging from sleek chrome finishes to intricate designs adorned with up to 300 gems, there’s a style to suit every occasion and preference.

A Shift in Nail Care Paradigm

In a statement, Minaj shared her inspiration behind the creation of Pink Friday Nails, citing the challenges of maintaining elaborate nail designs amidst her busy schedule as a new mother. Recognizing the gap in the market, the duo aims to revolutionize the press-on nails segment, offering an alternative that strikes the perfect balance between quality and accessibility.

Empowering Fans Through Accessibility

Creative director Yvett Garcia emphasized the brand’s mission to fill the void between high-end custom designs and fragile drugstore alternatives. With Pink Friday Nails priced between MYR 120 and MYR 191, the brand ensures that luxury nail aesthetics are within reach for enthusiasts worldwide. By democratizing nail care, Minaj and Garcia empower fans to express their individuality effortlessly.

Image Credit: Pink Friday Nails

A Legacy of Beauty Ventures

Pink Friday Nails marks the latest addition to Nicki Minaj’s impressive portfolio of beauty ventures. From collaborations with renowned cosmetics brands to the launch of her own fragrances, Minaj has consistently redefined beauty standards and embraced innovation. With each endeavor, she continues to inspire creativity and self-expression among her global fan base.

Experience Pink Friday Nails

To celebrate the launch, Nicki Minaj will introduce a “press-on station” at select tour stops, offering VIP fans an exclusive opportunity to experience Pink Friday Nails firsthand. As anticipation builds, enthusiasts can explore the collection and make purchases through the brand’s official website, embracing a new era of nail care with Pink Friday Nails.

As Nicki Minaj and Yvett Garcia unveil Pink Friday Nails to the world, they redefine the boundaries of nail care and celebrate individuality in style. With a diverse range of designs and a commitment to accessibility, Pink Friday Nails invites enthusiasts to embrace a new era of self-expression. Join the revolution and adorn your nails with the essence of Pink Friday.

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